Marketing Solutions

for any Customer Journey

An eponym is when a brand leaps to the tip of your tongue as a product collective. This is the ultimate in brand awareness, think JIK. Is yours one?

The customer has developed a predisposition toward your brand, their finger is hovering over the ENTER key. How do you get that finger to touch down, what is your CTA?

The customer is committed to buy online or instore. Will their shopping and payment experience be user-friendly, simple and easy. Are you geared to conclude the sale?

You made the sale, now you must ensure they come back and remain a customer; you must keep them interested, but how, without them feeling that they are being herded?

The philosopher's stone of brand identity, the ACME. When a customer recommends your brand, and becomes almost evangelical about promoting it, you have their full buy-in. Well done!

Think of your role in The Customer Journey as the GPS as they start the journey; the guidance system to ensure that they stay on track, get to where they want to be, with the least amount of inconvenience along the way. Your role is to continually remind them where they are going… 
— without becoming the backseat driver.
In an interesting and engaging way, show them the ‘scenery’ along the way, show them what they could be party to, where they could go, even for a quick detour, but always bringing them back to the correct road and in the right direction. And all the time, ensuring they don’t hit potholes, that they go around obstacles and that they don’t take an early exit…
— heaven forbid!
When they arrive at their destination, congratulate them, and ensure that it is everything that they expected it to be. Ching!